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Cyber harassment study reveals the unsurprising!

It still amazes me that I talk to guys who still think they get harassed just as much as women online. Like even from people who aren’t clearly and totally gross dumbasses. It kinda makes me think that, even in the best cases, it might be hard to really understand the sheer difference in frequency. You see a woman get harassed on a game and you go “Oh well I’ve been harassed” without understanding that there is seldom a session for her where that doesn’t happen or understanding what her inbox might look like…

That is a sort of stunning degree of difference.

"The data’s in! Women were lying about online harassment!”

"Aha! We knew it!

Yeah, they’ve been severely underreporting how bad things are for them, turns out.”

"Wait, what?"

The Real Life Fish Mooney, Stephanie "Queenie" St. Clair



Apparently not alot of people have warmed up to the created for TV show character Fish Mooney, played by the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith. Some have written that she is out of place, and not in a usual position of mob boss for a person of her gender and race. Others have said that she is over…


Chad Coleman as Luke Cage
Yaya Dacosta as Misty Knight
Devon Aoki as Colleen Wing
Garrett Hedlund as Danny Rand

I always wanted Danny to be Asian but I’m down with this fancast, especially since they already have Henry Simmons on Agents Of Shield and he would have been a perfect Luke.

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