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Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For — Human Parts — Medium

White privilege is the right of whites, and only whites, to be judged as individuals, to be treated as a unique self, possessed of all the rights and protections of citizenship. I am not a race, I am the unmarked subject. I am simply man, whereas you might be a black man, an asian woman, a disabled native man, a homosexual latina woman, and on and on the qualifiers of identification go. With each keyword added, so too does the burden of representation grow.

Sometimes the burden of representation is proudly shouldered, even celebrated. But more often this burden of representation becomes a dangerous, racist weight, crushing and unbearable. Michael Brown was killed in part because of this burden (the stereotype of black male criminality), and his body continues to carry this weight as the protests mount (the martyred symbol that black lives matter).

But white men are just people. Basic Humanity. We carry the absent mark which grants us the invisible power of white privilege. Everyone else gets discrimination.


I have been kept busy as the bees you see depicted here, and occasionally missed some posting dates, but it will all soon manifest in a way that I hope will delight you, my fine readers. Next month will see the release of ‘tooth and claw’ from image comics by Kurt Busiek and myself.

Also, I have been making final tweaks to the manuscript of the tragedy series collection, which can be pre-ordered from my favorite page-merchant: Powell’s Books

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